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Flat description


Flat number: B2.5.2

  • Orientation:


* Price stated above does not include parking spot and storage space. It is necessary to buy parking spot (from 230 000 CZK incl. VAT) and storage space (17 250 CZK/m² incl. VAT) additionally to every apartment.
  • Advance payment: 50,000 CZK + VAT 15% of the total amount when signing the contract of the future contract
  • Surcharge after approval
  • Possibility to finance with a mortgage loan

  • You can use a mortgage loan to finance your new home in this project. Due to favorable interest rates, this method of financing is suitable for everyone – including those who have all the necessary cash to buy real estate. Thanks to the wide range of banks, the mortgage is now easily accessible, but due to the number of mortgage products on offer, it requires greater demands for orientation in this area.

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